Henna for healthy hair

Hey gorgeous people…Hope you are all doing well. I’m back with an other blog which is related to Henna application. In this article we are going to see the uses of henna and it’s advantages. Let’s get started..


There is a story about the history of henna being used on hair. The summary of it is like, Cleopatra wanted a unique colour for her hair. Many of her staff tried many dyes but nothing lasted. Finally, Cleopatra found that henna when used on hair can give a long lasting orangish red dye on the hair.

Let’s move on to the advantages of henna. Henna is best known for its healing and cooling properties. It makes our hair healthy and it can also used as a treatment for any kind of infection. It is also the best affordable method to get grey coverage as it gives a red tint on hair.It forms a protective layer on our hair strands and protects it from pollution.It can also calm down headaches, stress,B.P etc,as it has a cooling effect. It can be considered as one of the best and affordable treatments unhealthy and damaged hair. But, once if hair id given a henna treatment, it cannot be given any kind of chemical treatments after that. Colouring, rebonding etc. Cannot be given in that hair. The hair should regrow to do any kind of chemical treatments after henna application. So those who don’t wish to do chemical treatments ever can go for henna.

How to make henna: The best is to use natural henna from the plant. Dry some henna leaves in sunlight for two days and make it into a powder and store in a glass container in a cool and dry place for 1 week. After one week mix it with amla powder, curd, egg, 1 tsp oil and lemon(never use for oil dandruff affected hair) and mix it wel with water boiled with tea leaves. Mix it and make a paste. Beetroot juice can be added for more reddish shade. Now, let’s get into the application.

Henna application

Take small sections of hair and start applying the paste at the scalp and hair using a brush. Start from the front portion and set it as seen in the picture. It looks like a bowl kept upside down on our head. Leave it for 40 to 50 minutes and rinse it off..As henna make our hair dry, people with dry scalp and dry dandruff can add more oil to the paste and also use a conditioner if necessary. Give a light massage on the scalp while rinsing. And rinse all the henna off.

This is all about the basics of henna. Hope all of you found it helpful. It’s always better to visit a good salon for these treatments or if we make any mistakes it will turn into a big mess. Thanks a lot for stopping by my blog. Follow me for more contents like this and please hit the like button. See you soon with an other blog. Stay safe. Love you..

Rice water for hair

Hey gorgeous people….Hope you are all doing well. I’m back with an other blog which seems to be very helpful for you. We all wish for a long and smooth hair. We can use a rice water as a booster for our hair growth as well as to make it smooth. So let’s get started..

Rice water is a best hair growth booster.It not only boosts hair growth but also helps to give smooth and shine to our hair. So let’s start by talking about rice water. Rice water contains amino acids, B vitamins, vitamin E , minerals and amino acids. Rice water promotes faster growth of hair and also it helps our hair with detangling, makes it soft and smooth and makes our hair strong.

To make rice water, take required amount of rice and wash it thrice. Then boil enough water in a pot and when it boils add rice into it so rice sinks in water. Leave to for 50 minutes to 1 hour to cook( time depends upon the rice variety). During cooking, often check whether the rice os cooked or not. Finally, when it is cooked drain the excess water into a clean bowl and rice water is ready. (Don’t throw the rice away. Eat it as your meal for it has a good amount of starch in it).

To use rice water on our hair , add 3 tbs of fenugreek seeds to one cup of rice water and leave it overnight. Add shikakai powder, amla powder or anything that’s good for your hair amd leave it overnight. Next day mix everything well using a mixer. Add a teaspoon of coconut oil into the mix.

Shampoo your hair well and pour the mixture into your hair. Massage it gently on your scalp and leave it for 15 to 20 minutes. It gives a cooling to our hair. So people who will catch cold please be careful. Rinse it off after. Use a conditioner if necessary. Do try this at home. Nothing better than rice water can boost your hair growth.

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Alps goodness cucumber toner: a review

Hey gorgeous people…Hope you are all doing well. I’m back with an other review and that is a toner from alps goodness .I’m using this toner since last December and I continue to use it even now. It’s a really good and super affordable toner which is really best. Let’s get started…

Alps goodness cucumber toner

Alps goodness as a brand is an okay brand not a really good one but I’m in love with their toner and facial kit. Toners are the best from them.They claim it as organic, paraben free and sulphate free brand. They have provided with the entire ingredient list on the product where can’t spot any parabens or sulphates.

This cucumber toner is a light weight non- alcoholic toner suitable for all skin types. They claims that it maintains the skin’s pH level, removes dirt and control sebum production. So it might be more good for oily skin.

Moving on to my review, As they claim ,it is light weight and no speck of alcohol is found in it.It is a very good toner for people who doesn’t look for many skin concerns. It can be used as a toner to maintain the pH, remove dirt even after cleansing but not for treating such a big skin issues. One thing that I noted is that it controls sebum production because I felt like my acne is reducing day by day after using this toner. I also felt like it has a refreshing effect (more when used refrigerated) .And yes it is working with my pores. It gives a temporary closure to mu pores. It is the best,super affordable toner in the market which worked well for me. It’s a must try product for people who look for a toner with not a lot of concerns. It can be used even if you have any kind of concern but it cannot cure your issues.

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Skin Types and Its recognition

Hey gorgeous people, Hope you are all doing well. I’m back with an other useful content for those who doesn’t know their skin type. To recognize our skin type is ver important because we need to care our skin based on our skin type.If we fail to do so, our skin will have to face a lot of issues in the future. So let’s get started….

There are four types of skin types. They are dry, oily,normal and combination skin.So let’s start with the dry skin

Dry skin.

Dry skin as seen in the picture will be very dry.The sebaceous gland in the skin will be producing a little amount of sebum or oil. That’s why this type of skin looks very dry and rough.If we closely examine this skin we can see that their pore are closed.In this type of skin chances for acne is less but they will have wrinkles and fine lines faster. Their skin will achieve maturity faster. So dry skin should be cared intensely. They should use a cream based moisturizer in order to keep their skin hydrated and also drink a lot of water.

Oily skin

Moving on to oily skin, This kind of skin is just opposite to dry skin. They have increased sebum production and enlarged pores.Their skin feels very greasy. This type of skin is more prone to acne and pimples. So extreme care should be given to such skin. Chances for wrinkles and fine lines are less compared to dry skin. Always use gel based products and gel based cleaser. They also should drink a lot of water amd stay hydrated.

Normal skin

Normal skin is a skin type which is neither too oily nor too dry. They have a perfect amount of sebum. Most of the people with normal skin are not affected by any kind of skin problems if, they care their skin properly. Normal skin also should be cared. It should be maintained well. Drink a lot of water, stay hydrated. Cleanse ,Tone and moisturize the skin twice a day (for all skin types).

Combination skin

And the last is combination skin. As seen in the picture and from its name, it is a combination of two skin types. Mainly seen as oily and dry. In this skin type some parts say, forehead, nose and chin area or the T- zone is seen oily and both the cheeks or the C- zone is seen normal to dry. People with this skin should be more careful because their skin character may change with season. They can have problems related to both oily and dry skin. So stay hydrated and care the skin very well.

How to check your skin type? It’s very easy to check your skin type. Wash your face with a facewash or cleanser before going to bed at night. Don’t use any other products in your face for that night. When you wake up at morning, before washing the face ,look into a mirror where there is ample lighting and start to examine. If there is a lot of oil all over your face or if it looks greasy yours is an oily skin. If it is very rough and dry you have a dry skin. If you don’t feel anything like dryness or oiliness you are lucky to have a normal skin. And next if you are oily at your T-zone but dry or normal at your C- zone, you have a combination skin. Do check your skin type today and give it proper care.

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L’Oreal Infallible foundation

Hey gorgeous people… Hope you are all doing well. I am back with a review of an other amazing product and that is a foundation from l’Oreal paris infallible range. I’ve been using this product since 2 months and I am very happy with that. So guys let’s get started.

l’Oreal as a brand is a Paris based brand and it is quite famous. Their infallible range is the best in their launches. My shade in this range is 107 and 108 will also be fine for me. There are more warm tone shades in this range than cool tone shades. They claim that this foundation lasts for 25 hours, mattifying and easy to blend formula. When I first bought this product in the shade 107, its price was Rs.999/- which is expensive as a drugstore brand. After that when I was to buy the shade 108, they reduced the price to around Rs.750/- it’s reasonable for a long lasting full coverage foundation.

Now on to my experience with the product. I’ve observed a few things on this product. It is long lasting but not upto 24 hrs. It may last upto 10 hours and yes upto 12 hours can be reached. The next point that I noted is that it is a mattifying foundation which is best for oily skin. It doesn’t mean that people with dry skin cannot use it. They can also use after using a good moisturizer. Setting with a setting or loose power is not necessary because it gives matte effect. Setting can even make your makeup feel chalky. Eye area can be set to avoid creases. Its is almost a full coverage foundation. Black spots and pigmentation are covered using a single layer of the product. Layering on is not at all required. If you are very much oily or sweaty, setting power from the same range will work well. So, it is the best drugstore foundation available.

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Home remedy using apple cider vinegar

Hey gorgeous people, I am back with avery useful Home remedy which can cure many of our skin problems like pigmentation, dark spots and many more. In this DIY we wre going to use apple cider vinegar as the main ingredient. Apple cider vinegar can be used and benefited for the skin in many ways. So let’s get started……

Apple cider vinegar extracted from apple has magical healing properties. It has antistringent properties which can do miracle on our skin. It increases blood flow through the skin and makes our skin more clear. It contain acetic acid so it can regulate pH level of the skin. As it is acidic and oily skin is more to acidic pH, it can make oily skin a bit more oily while it is perfect for dry skin. It helps to minimize the pores in oru skin. Pores are essential so we cannot close them…but enlarge pores are always a problem for many of us. Apple cider vinegar can help us to cure the problem.

The same can be used as a toner and it also can remove oil and dirt from our skin. It also has antibacterial properties. It can be used to cure acne spots ,pigmentation, blemishes, dark spots and a lot more. And yes…it has a disadvantage too…apple cider vinegar should not be used directly on our skin without diluting. It can cause burns on skin only because it contain acetic acid. So guys be aware of this before you use. People with sensitive skin should also be careful because its acid content might be harmful. Let’s move on to the ways of usage.

Apple cider vinegar

First method is that it can be used as a toner. We can use a spray bottle to make it fill ¼th of the bottle with apples cider vinegar and fill the rest with distilled water. That’s all about the procedure . Isn’t it so easy? Spray this solution all over your face and dab it in with your fingertips for less than a minute. Then allow to to air dry. Use it one to two times a day, not more than that and wash it with normal water after 30 minutes.

The second method is to use it as a mixing medium for face packs. Use fullers earth powder or besan each of ½ tablespoons and add a pinch of turmeric into it. We can also use any kind of ingredients that suits your skin the best. Mix all these using apple cider vinegar as medium and apply all over your face and neck after cleaning. Remember to be emotionless while you are using any face packs on your face or it can give you wrinkles amd fine lines. Wash it after 20 to 25 minutes. Next step is to moisturize your skin.

The advantages of this magical item is not limited to this. You can explore a lot with this particular thing and make your skin glow. Do try this in your own ways too..Remember to use it dilute. Thank you for reading this article .Hope this is helpful to you. Like ,follow and share for more content like this. Let me know your suggestions through comments. See you soon on an other blog. Stay safe….Love you.

Mamaearth Bye Bye blemishes review

Hey guys…..Hope you are doing well…I’m back with an other review…This is not a product that I used recently. I was using this product before 1 month and I was waiting for a month to check if any problem happens with my skin…Now it is being 1 month since I stopped using this…I think it is the right time to review this particular product. And yes…This is not sponsored by mamaearth. Sponsored or non-sponsored I will let you know the honest review of the products that I choose to review. So…let’s get started.

Mamaearth as a brand is an Indian brand..They claims that their products are 100% organic, paraben free, sulphate free and cruelty free. And the best thing is that they are plastic positive. They recycle twice the plastic they use.

Mamaearth bye bye blemishes comes in packaging that is same like every as every mamaearth products ,that us okay but not outstanding. And this particular product comes with a pump that is quite convenient. They claim that this product is enriched with mulberry extract, vitamin C , licorice extract, and daisy flower extract. This is launched to treat uneven skin tone, blemishes and pigmentation.

Now on to my review ..I have an extremely oily, acne prone skin , so that I have a lot of blemishes and tan on my face. Let’s start with its consistancy. It is light weight and non greasy which is best for oily skin. But I felt it a bit greasy after 1 to 2 hours of application. It’s not a big deal. I used to for one week, two week and it disappointed me. But I continued to use and gradually I saw a good but to the best result on my face. Yeah..it is good…But don’t expect more..I felt like it is not good with dark spots and pigmentation which are old. Otherwise it a must try product. You can see the difference on your face not immediately but definitely.

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Deyga Basil toner review

Hey guys….I’m here with the most awaited review. As we all know deyga organics products are trending now. I too had a great desire to use the same. So I bought a basil toner from the same brand and I am using it for more than two weeks. Now let’s get started….

Let’s talk about the brand. Deyga organics is an Indian brand which claims to be a 100% organic ,paraben free and cruelty free brand..The best part of this brand is that they have given the complete ingredients list on the product.

Now let’s move on to my review….I am and I will be very honest about my experience using this product. I’ve ordered this product before a month and it maybe be due to covid-19 lockdown ,the delivery was quite lagged…But it’s okay, let’s consider the safety of everyone.. So guys, I started using this product and I didn’t see any drastic difference on my skin. But gives a good refreshed effect to our skin..That is very nice about a toner.

The application method of this product is very convenient .It comes in spray bottle. It instructed to spray the product all over our face after cleaning. I’ve also tried using this product like, spraying on a cotton pad and cleaning my face..And yes..it is working. Its helps to remove excess dirt on the face left even after cleansing.

And guys I have to say…it is not at all working on pores. Those who are concerned by pores its better not to opt this for resolving your pores..But it doesn’t harm your pores in any manner. So don’t buy this product for treating your pore..As a toner it worked well for me…It is worth trying. So guys please do like , follow amd comment for reading contents related to beauty skincare and comsetics…see you soon with an other article….stay safe and love you all